Massive Surge in Gun Sales Continues Under Biden Administration

Massive Surge in Gun Sales Continues Under Biden Administration

( – In 2020, during the COVID-19 pandemic, gun sales started to surge. It wasn’t exactly surprising, considering there were riots taking place across the country during that period. When President Joe Biden was elected, he almost immediately began talking about gun control. One expert believes the POTUS is causing sales to surge even more.

According to a report by the Washington Examiner, gun sales skyrocketed. National Shooting Sports Foundation Spokesman Mark Oliva said, “June 2021 is the second-highest June on record.” About 1.3 million firearms were sold. The highest number for June was last year when Americans bought more than 2.1 million guns.

Oliva said Biden is at least partly responsible for the gun sales. He explained that a record number of “Americans are exercising their right to keep and bear arms” while the president’s administration is “throwing up roadblocks” to prevent that. He pointed to the recent nomination of David Chipman to head the ATF as proof. Chipman has expressed support for gun bans in the past. Oliva accused Biden of trying to stifle Second Amendment rights.

Indeed, Biden has repeatedly expressed a desire to limit gun ownership. However, unless the Democratic Party ends the filibuster, they don’t have the votes to pass anything through the Senate. And prominent Democrats, including Senator Joe Manchin (WV), do not support using “the nuclear option,” as they call killing the filibuster. So, at least for now, Americans’ gun rights are safe.

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