Mark Levin Slams Climate Change Advocates for Exploiting Disasters

( – Progressive activists have spent many years blaming every weather event or natural disaster on climate change, and the Biden administration has never passed up an opportunity to spend more money on its radical climate agenda. New rules from various government agencies within the Biden administration are consistently intruding on the personal freedoms of Americans. From potentially forcing people to purchase electric vehicles, to deciding which type of light bulbs can be bought, Biden is regulating corporations to ultimately limit Americans’ options.

Prominent radio host Mark Levin had much to say about President Biden after the comments he made during his visit to Florida to see the aftermath of Hurricane Idalia. He blasted Biden for his remarks about climate deniers doubting that the hurricane was due to climate change. Biden visited the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) headquarters, where he expressed the need for increased spending to fund the agency to assist in future disasters. Levin refused to buy into the narrative, stating that the Democratic Party exploits climate change to “destroy civil society.”

Levin quoted an excerpt from his newest book, where he discussed the Democrats’ plan to take power away from the American people. “Every weather event or natural disaster that causes discomfort, damage or death is attributed to climate change.” He went on to explain how they plan to force Americans to change their way of life. He outlined their goal to completely overhaul our capitalistic society, which he said would result in the economy failing to grow and the country becoming less prosperous. He added that they want to increase the government’s power and force Americans to be governed by international organizations. Levin’s heated comments were exacerbated by his last torching of the Biden administration for its recent climate agenda push after the fires in Maui. In a fiery episode of his podcast, Levin refuted the Democrat’s claim that the fires were a result of climate change, stating that the fires were caused by “an electrical wire, apparently busting from its moorings and setting on fire the area around it that was dry.”

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