Mark Cuban Says He’s Worried About State of the Economy

Mark Cuban Says He's Worried About State of the Economy

( – The stock market has been in the news more than usual over the past couple of days, with experts warning it’s incredibly volatile right now. Billionaire Mark Cuban is also repeating those concerns.

On Thursday, January 28, Cuban spoke to CNBC’s “Squawk Box” about the state of the market. He said he’s “hedged the heck out of” his portfolio because of concerns over valuations (what a company or asset is worth) across the market. Cuban pointed to the Federal Reserve’s near-zero interest rate.

According to Cuban, the low rate is causing the inflation of “appreciable assets,” and when deflation starts to take place on some of those assets, “it’s going to be scary.”

If Cuban is right, the economy could take a hit. That’s the last thing the country needs to deal with as it’s trying to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, with President Joe Biden at the helm, it might be unavoidable.

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