Marco Rubio Reveals Giant “Cover-Up” Involving China

Marco Rubio Reveals Giant

( – Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) confirmed McKinsey & Company, a consulting company that works with the Pentagon, told him in July 2020 it didn’t work with either the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) or the Chinese government in general, but that appears to be false.

In 2021, NBC News reported the firm engaged with the Chinese government, posing a possible conflict of interest and threat to US national security. In fact, bankruptcy case documents involving McKinsey & Company revealed its connection to the very same government the firm previously denied.

Rubio expressed alarming concern about national security implications because the company is privy to sensitive information about the United States government.

According to the company’s archived About page, McKinsey & Company previously had over 450 consultants scattered across Mainland China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. Although the firm admitted working with provincial and local governments, it claims it had no previous connection to the CCP or China’s Central Military Commission. However, a blurb on the consulting firm’s website stated McKinsey & Company advised Chinese governments on “high-impact issues” like healthcare reform, crafting policies, and leadership development programs for the communist country.

Although Rubio has not launched an official investigation into the matter, that could change after the mid-terms in November. Meanwhile, the consultancy still denies the allegations.

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