Marco Rubio Defends Donald Trump in Latest Records Scandal

Marco Rubio Defends Donald Trump in Latest Records Scandal

( – On February 14, Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) defended former President Donald Trump during an interview with Fox News. He questioned whether the allegations about Trump’s handling of White House documents were even true. He went on to say taking documents to Florida was “not a crime.”

Apparently, the National Archives and Records Administration took 15 boxes of documents from Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home in Florida, which may have included classified papers. In addition, some reports allege the former leader ripped up sensitive documents on a regular basis, eating some and throwing others into the toilet.

Rubio doubts the validity of these reports, pointing out the media has fabricated so many stories over the years about Trump, he doesn’t know what is or isn’t true.

Rubio claims there are probably more than a dozen lies the media has made up and reported about the former president, and these affect every story’s credibility. He said the media simply wants to smear the name of Donald Trump any way it can, and all it takes is a single source to start the frenzy.

Considering the fervor at which many in the media goes after the previous POTUS, do you think the Florida legislator has a point?

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