Many Afghans Killed Despite Taliban Promises

Many Afghans Killed Despite Taliban Promises

( – The United Nations (UN) recently stated it has information from a credible source that the extremist Taliban group murdered more than 100 people from the previous Afghan government and its associates.

The radicals, who quickly took over Afghanistan after the US government pulled the last of its troops in August 2021, announced they would provide “general amnesties” for those who worked with the former leadership and the United States military. Unfortunately, their words don’t appear to be true. The UN received information about such individuals disappearing and others dying at the hands of the Taliban.

Secretary-General António Guterres reported those working for the previous government were not the only ones in danger. The Taliban government also targeted media members and people defending human rights in the region with killings, intimidation, harassment and arrest. He stated the Taliban jailed 10 activists, killed 8 more, and executed 2 journalists. Guterres announced 42 documented cases of threats, intimidation, and arrests by the group. However, the suspected number is much higher.

In addition to previous Afghanistan government and coalition members continuing to suffer under the radical regime, women and girls who live there once again face severe oppression. The population is dealing with unprecedented drought and starvation levels, and the financial system is crumbling. Guterres proposed international support to provide help for the Afghan people as the society continues to decline under extremist rule.

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