Man Who Attacked Dave Chappelle Confesses Why He Did It

Man Who Attacked Dave Chapelle Confesses Why He Did It

Dave Chappelle’s Attacker Reveals His True Reason For Striking

( – Isaiah Lee, the man charged with rushing the stage and tackling comedian Dave Chappelle during his show in Los Angeles, finally revealed his reason for the attack. During the stand-up routine, Chappelle was making LGBTQ+ jokes, which Lee found “triggering.” The accused attacker told The New York Post he’s “bisexual,” making the comedian’s routine offensive.

Lee told the times he hoped his actions would cause Chappelle to be more cautious about his material by running it through “people it could affect.” The offended individual also shared he was homeless at one point, in addition to being a single father. Lee said Chappelle’s jokes about homelessness were not funny, stating he was already fired up from another comedian’s routine the same evening.

According to Lee, the other person on stage during the “Netflix is a Joke” tour mentioned pedophilia — yet another trigger for him. Although reportedly armed during the alleged tackling, he claimed the weapons were not out at the time. He stands accused of four misdemeanors related to the incident and he is currently in jail.

Do you think society is becoming too sensitive to jokes, or do you believe Lee was justified in his anger?

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