Man Tries to Use Fake Arm to Avoid Vaccine

Man Tries to Use Fake Arm to Avoid Vaccine

( – As vaccine mandates spread across the world, some people are taking extreme measures to avoid inoculation against the coronavirus. An Italian dentist tried using a fake prosthetic arm to fool medical personnel, but failed at his attempt.

The man arrived for his shot wearing the prosthetic when Nurse Filippa Bua noticed the phony appendage. Nurse Bua noticed his arms didn’t match his face, investigated further, and discovered the ruse.

President of the Piedmont regional government, Alberto Cirio, denounced the man’s actions, stating what he did was “an offense to the region’s health system.” The Associated Press reported the perpetrator might face criminal charges.

The dentist explained he needed the proof for work, but he didn’t want the COVID-19 vaccination. That’s when he hatched a plan to gain the proper credentials without subjecting himself to the shot. He walked into the healthcare facility wearing a covering on his body with two fake arms attached.

In November, Italy passed an order requiring a “green pass” showing its residents’ vaccination status to enter many establishments.

There’s no word as to whether the dentist ended up consenting to the vaccination or if he walked out without his proof. Cases of the coronavirus have reportedly been on the rise since mid-October.

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