Man Stands Up For Police Officer – SACRIFICED His Life

Man Stabbed to Death After Standing Up for Law Enforcement

Man Stabbed to Death After Standing Up for Law Enforcement

( – Tommy Bailey was riding the subway in New York City on the evening of September 30 when he saw Alvin Charles harassing a female police officer. When Bailey came to her aid, the suspect allegedly stabbed the union worker to death. Eyewitnesses said the man was simply telling Charles to respect law enforcement when he was violently attacked.

Officials arrested the perpetrator, who already had a record of violent crimes. He’s now facing a charge of murder. According to Fox News, crime on the subway is up over 41% from last year, with eight murders on the rails so far in 2022.

Although crime statistics in August showed a decrease in murders in the city, the overall crime index increased 26% from the same timeframe in 2021. NYC Mayor Eric Adams (D) stated about 3.5 million people ride the subway in The Big Apple each day. With crimes becoming more prevalent in the system, that public transportation crime statistic could mean a lot of people are in harm’s way.

Bailey’s family wants the city to do more to keep New Yorkers and visitors safe from harm. They said the father of three was a “good man” with a great sense of humor.

Would you feel safe riding the subway in New York City?

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