Man OPENS FIRE At Hospital – But That’s Not The Craziest Part

Man Opens Fire in Hospital While Girlfriend Gives Birth

Man Opens Fire in Hospital While Girlfriend Gives Birth

( – On October 22, Nestor Oswaldo Hernandez reportedly opened fire inside Methodist Hospital in Oak, California, killing two hospital employees — Jacqueline Pokuaa and Katie Flowers — and injuring another. The suspect was wearing an ankle monitor and on parole when he entered the hospital to visit his girlfriend, who was there giving birth. He then opened fire. After a short stand-off, police fired on Hernandez — injuring him. He was transported to another medical facility for treatment and is facing charges of capital murder.

Dallas Chief of Police Eddie Garcia said when Hernandez entered his girlfriend’s room in the labor and delivery department, he revealed his weapon and started beating her with it. Afterward, Pokuaa arrived to help the woman, and the suspect shot her. Flowers and an officer already in the hospital heard the commotion and went to investigate. The perpetrator shot both Sergeant Robert Rangel and Flowers.

Police don’t know why the suspect opened fire inside the hospital, although they said he’s no stranger to crime. Hernandez spent time in prison for two separate robberies. One was in 2011, when a friend of his pistol-whipped a victim while the suspect stole their belongings. The second was in 2015, when he and a female partner assaulted a woman, threatened to kill her, and “ransacked her apartment.”

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