Man Claims Biden Answered a Secret Cell Phone

( – As more evidence of the Biden family business dealings comes to the surface, President Joe Biden’s involvement becomes more apparent. Details of Hunter Biden’s plea agreement in June caused uproar across the nation due to the underwhelming tax violation charges and the deal cut to avoid the felony gun charge. Just a few days later, the House Ways and Means Committee held a press conference, detailing the release of whistleblower testimonies that accuse the Department of Justice (DOJ) of interfering in the investigation.

The committee included a text message from Hunter Biden to Chinese businessman Henry Zhao, who is reportedly tied to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Hunter Biden claimed to be sitting with his father when he sent the text message, demanding Zhao follow through with his end of a “commitment.” Hunter Biden stated two separate times in the message that his father was present.

Following the revelations from the other whistleblowers, Peter Schweizer, who is the co-founder of the Government Accountability Institute (GAI), dropped another bombshell, claiming that Joe Biden obtained a secret cell phone in 2009, shortly after becoming vice president. Rosemont Seneca, one of Hunter Biden’s many companies, footed the bill for the $300/month global cell phone plan.

Details of the existence of the phone were documented by Hunter Biden on his laptop, which Schweizer said he turned over to the House Oversight Committee. The committee officially began investigating the business dealings of the Biden family since the Republicans regained power in the House in January. On June 28, Just the News investigative journalist John Solomon told Real America’s Voice that he was given a document with the phone number, saying, “So I called the cell phone, and guess who picked up the phone? Joe Biden!” Solomon said that Joe Biden “hung up pretty quickly” after he told him who he was, adding that he could tell he was caught off guard. More details about the secret phone are certainly forthcoming, as the House Oversight Committee has been providing periodic updates on its investigation.

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