Majority of Democrats Against Biden as 2024 Nominee

( – Democrats are not excited about the thought of President Biden being at the top of the ticket again this November. A new Rasmussen poll asked voters if they “would approve or disapprove” of the Democrat Party replacing Biden with another candidate. Among 1,113 respondents, 49 percent said they approved of a different candidate. However, when considering only Democrats’ responses, 54 percent supported his replacement.

Just 43 percent of Republican respondents said the Democrats should find a new candidate, likely because they are confident that former President Trump can beat Biden in a rematch. The survey provided respondents with a list of replacements and asked who they would prefer over Biden. Former First Lady Michelle Obama received the most support at 21 percent. Vice President Kamala Harris came in second at 17 percent.

Former failed 2016 presidential candidate Hillary Clinton placed third, garnering 11 percent support. California Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom, who is suspected of having presidential aspirations, received just eight percent support. Michigan Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer, who imposed the strictest of measures in The Wolverine State during the pandemic, received just five percent support. Thirty-one percent selected “none of them,” while seven percent said they were “unsure.” In total, 62 percent of Biden’s own party chose someone else besides him.

Democrats have placed their hope in Trump’s legal woes crushing his chances of winning, but support has only grown for the 45th president in recent weeks. The Biden campaign will spend the next few weeks countering media reports about his son Hunter Biden’s federal gun crime trial, which began on June 3. However, it remains to be seen whether the mainstream media will cover the trial accurately or make excuses for the Biden campaign. Many Democrats have said they would vote for Biden as a vote against Trump, but voter enthusiasm and turnout will be the ultimate deciding factor. The likelihood of replacing Biden is also slim because the Democratic National Committee (DNC) has already committed to supporting his candidacy.

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