Major Companies Cut Ties With Trump – Free Speech Under Attack

Major Companies Cut Ties With Trump - Free Speech Under Attack

( – The Democratic and media narrative after the January 6 incident on Capitol Hill placed the blame squarely on former President Donald Trump’s shoulders. They claimed he incited the incident and condemned him, along with those who supported him. While the violence that afternoon was undoubtedly horrific, Liberals and MSM have spent the majority of their time point the finger his way since then.

The endless assault on Trump didn’t end at yet another impeachment scam.

Trump Organization Hit

Several companies decided to cut ties with Trump and his business after the incident in Washington, DC. PGA of America had a relationship with the 45th president stretching decades, but they severed that relationship recently, and the organization canceled its plans to hold the PGA Championship at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, New Jersey.

Some of the other entities that cut ties with Trump include:

  • Shopify
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Signature Bank
  • New York City

Social Media

On top of the companies that have stopped doing business with the former president, all major social media platforms either suspended or banned him. In the final two weeks of the Trump administration, he wasn’t able to use social media to speak to the American people at all, with the exception of a statement he made through The White House Twitter account. The 45th president was essentially silenced. YouTube went so far as to censor him for seven days after he left office.

Out of Control Censorship

The vicious attacks from the media and the Democratic Party aren’t hurting the former president alone; other Conservatives are suffering, as well. The country has come to a tipping point. There are massive corporations who wield too much power and dozens of Democratic lawmakers using their positions to target Conservatives — something has to be done about it.

Hasn’t it gone far enough? Isn’t it time to stop the nonsense and work together?

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