Mainstream Media TURNS On Biden – Calls Him a Liar

Fox News Calls Out New York Times for Being Soft on Biden

Fox News Calls Out New York Times for Being Soft on Biden

( – On October 10, The New York Times posted an article about President Joe Biden, calling him a “storyteller” who “spins yarns.” Within the piece, the writer talks about how the US leader tends to embellish his stories with extra nuggets of information that don’t tend to represent the whole truth.

A few days later, Fox News put out an article as well, blasting the NYT for soft-balling the president, giving him a pass for lying “with impunity.” The writing highlighted the fact that the media at large downplays Biden’s lies as “folklore” and his inaccuracies as “endearing.”

In its piece, The Times wrote about the president regularly shearing off “factual edges” in an attempt to connect with his audience. Oddly, in the same article, the outlet compares Biden’s stories to that of former President Donald Trump. In the latter’s case, the NYT described him as someone who “lied constantly” throughout his presidency. So, what’s the difference? According to the paper, it’s scale.

Author and Fox News contributor Joe Concha said fact-checkers are in the habit of letting Biden’s lies slide or outright defending them. The Fox piece pointed the finger at Politifact, CNN, and now The NYT as actively allowing the president’s antics to continue unchecked.

What do you think about Biden’s stories? Do you believe they’re embellishments or flat-out lies to be called out by the media?

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