Mainstream Media LASHES OUT At Trump – Justified?

Media Continues To Lash Out at Trump Over Controversial Dinner

Media Continues To Lash Out at Trump Over Controversial Dinner

( – On November 22, controversial rapper Kanye West, now legally Ye, and alleged white supremacist Nick Fuentes joined former President Donald Trump for dinner at Mar-a-Lago — a move The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) called “bad judgment.” The opinion piece chastised the presidential candidate for not only hosting the meal with the pair but also for failing to take responsibility for the mistake.

Instead of admitting to the error, Trump claimed he didn’t know Fuentes and only agreed to meet with Ye. Even if it were true, the meeting would have still been a misstep in his campaign for the White House, given the musician’s recent antisemitic rants that ousted him from much of the community. The former US leader apparently called the dinner “quick and uneventful.”

Following the meal, much of the press went crazy with criticisms against Trump for meeting with the men. The WSJ called the former president feigning innocent “typical” behavior and expects any politician still following him will have trouble getting elected in 2024. But Trump’s team claims the rapper tricked the dinner host into meeting with Fuentes, with some saying it was a “real blow to the Trump camp.”

Senator Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) spoke out about the issue, stating there is “no room” in the Republican party for “white supremacy.” Trump’s team subsequently vowed to institute tighter vetting measures for anyone wanting to meet with the presidential candidate going forward.

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