Madison Cawthorn Says Capitol Hill Is Like “House of Cards”

Madison Cawthorn Says Capitol Hill Is Like

( –  Representative Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) compared life in DC politics to the Netflix show “House of Cards.” He said the show about corruption, power, and perversion isn’t too far off from reality in US politics. On March 25, he told the host of the Warrior Poet Society podcast he witnessed colleagues snorting cocaine in front of him and others in their 60s and 70s inviting him to orgies.

Cawthorn said it was “wild” that many of the politicians he looked up to throughout his life are now trying to pass drug laws while doing drugs and asking him to participate in their sexual depravity.

While speaking with the host, the legislator alluded to former President Bill Clinton, who reporters previously asked about the accuracy of the Netflix drama set in the nation’s capital. At the time, Clinton answered the only real inaccuracy was the speed at which the legislators could pass bills on education. That reference came from an interview with actor Kevin Spacey in 2015, who referred to the former president’s comparison.

Cawthorne stated it’s an honor to serve the people of North Carolina who elected him but said working in DC is the “worst job in the world.”

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