Liz Cheney Releases New Hampshire Anti-Trump Ad

Ousted Liz Cheney Releases New Hampshire Trump Attack Ad

(Liberty – Former Wyoming Representative Liz Cheney, who lost her re-election bid by over 63,000 votes in a landslide 2022 midterm election to attorney Harriet Hageman, has had a tumultuous relationship with President Donald Trump. Most recently, Cheney launched a new advertisement, narrated by her voice, in an attempt to warn New Hampshire voters of the dangers that would come if the former president were to retake the oval office in 2024. Cheney’s PAC paid for the ad, targeting the first primary state of the 2024 elections.

The ad consists of recycled footage from the January 6th Committee, with Cheney claiming that “he mobilized a mob to come to Washington D.C.,” later stating, “Donald Trump has proven he is unfit for office.” She also stated that there was never a “greater dereliction of duty” by a US president. While Rep. Cheney has not announced a candidacy for the 2024 Presidential Election, she claims that she has not ruled it out either. Most polls conducted have her getting just three percent of the Republican vote, but other candidates with low numbers have still opted to join the race.

Representative Harriet Hageman, R-Wy., blasted Cheney and the new Democrat-funded advertisement on Twitter, criticizing her unpopularity among Wyoming voters, which she believes is true for New Hampshire voters as well. Hageman said that the TV ads are a waste of money and will not be effective.

Cheney, who voted to impeach Trump, often criticized her own party while in office, which resulted in censure from the Wyoming GOP and removal from her leadership position in the House of Representatives. Shortly before the midterm elections, she attempted to win over voters with an ad from her father, Dick Cheney, the former Vice President during George W. Bush’s administration, along with an endorsement from Kevin Costner, the star of the TV show, Yellowstone. Ultimately, her efforts failed.

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