Liberals Threaten to Leave Twitter Over Elon Musk’s Recent Takeover

Liberals Threaten to Leave Twitter Over Elon Musk's Recent Takeover

They’re LEAVING – Elon Musk Gets Big News

( – On April 25, Twitter announced it accepted billionaire Elon Musk’s offer to purchase the company for a cool $43.4 billion, and Liberals are looking for the exit. In fact, #RIPTwitter was trending on the platform the same day, predicting a big blow to Twitter if the deal goes through. Some left-leaning users tweeted their discontent at the possibility.

CNN contributor John Dean posted on April 24 that he’s probably “not interested” in staying any longer if Musk owns Twitter.

Other people, like former Democratic congressional nominee Pam Keith, think the acquisition will kill the company. She took to Twitter to ask why the board would agree to let the Tesla CEO destroy their platform creation.

Cryptocurrency investor Joe Pompliano stated he would leave Twitter in favor of Instagram if Musk acquires the company, showing Meta owner Mark Zuckerberg could benefit from this deal as well.

Many people seem afraid because Musk has been very vocal about his thoughts on free speech. There’s speculation this purchase could foreshadow the restoration of the many Conservative Twitter accounts the platform previously banned — like former President Donald Trump.

Still, Musk insists his first battle after acquisition will be against spambots on the platform.

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