Liberals Slam Guy Fieri After He’s Spotted With Trump

( – Before Donald Trump decided to run for President, he was one of the most popular public figures in the country, with swaths of Democrats swooning over his personality and entrepreneurialism. Oddly, it was like a switch flipped in the Hollywood circle as soon as he announced that he would be seeking the highest office in the land. Democrats and celebrities suddenly loathed everything about him, with many going to extremes to communicate their disapproval of him running for President. Although there are a few who refuse to be told who they can like or dislike, they are often attacked when they are spotted associating with the 45th President.

Such was the case on July 8, when celebrity chef Guy Fieri was spotted having a warm conversation with former President Trump after a UFC fight in Las Vegas. Liberal heads began to explode on social media, with some users expressing their disgust that Fieri would have any reason to speak to the former president. Harry Sisson, who was recently exposed for being a paid Gen-Z operative for the Democrat National Committee, wondered why celebrities are “trying to normalize Trump’s behavior,” ranting about his indictments and impeachments as a reason that no respected elite would ever associate with him.

Republicans used the Democrats’ reactions to point out their hive-mind thinking, with one user saying that “It is really pathetic” that shaking hands with the former president resulted in an instant hatred for Fieri. Other Republicans focused on the roars from the audience as former President Trump made his way to his seat before the fights began, commenting on how much he is supported by UFC fans. He and UFC President Dana White are longtime friends, and Trump attends UFC fights quite frequently. White’s organization has not suffered for his support of former President Trump, despite celebrity and Democrat attempts to cancel anyone who steps outside the prescribed narrative. Fieri has not yet responded to the swath of disapproval from the anti-Trump wing of social media.

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