Liberal Theory Blaming Trump for Kidnapping Plot Debunked

Liberal Theory Blaming Trump For Kidnapping Plot Debunked

( – Federal authorities stopped an attempt to kidnap Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer (D) earlier this month, the FBI announced on October 8. New court filings destroy the narrative the Left has been trying to weave.

Trump Was on His List

On October 28, The Detroit News revealed new information in the case. The paper obtained an unsealed search warrant affidavit that alleges Barry Croft of Delaware had a hit list with other names. He posted a photo of President Donald Trump on Facebook and expressed a desire to lynch the commander-in-chief.

He also allegedly talked about killing former President Barack Obama, Muslims, Republicans, and others. Essentially, he seemed to hate everyone who was not a part of his inner circle.

That proves the sad narrative the Left has been trying to convince people of is grossly inaccurate.

Liberal Narrative Destroyed

On October 9, the day after the FBI announced the news about the kidnapping plot, Governor Whitmer blamed Trump. She claimed the president’s rhetoric “incites more domestic terror.” Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden said he gives “oxygen to the bigotry and hate” around the country. And on it went, the Left blamed him for everything.

Meanwhile, the president has repeatedly condemned violence in all forms. He has said there’s no place for white supremacists in America. Trump is campaigning on a platform to restore law and order and has said his number one priority is to keep America safe.

On top of all that, one of the alleged domestic terrorists wanted to kill him, too. Does it make sense that he was inciting hate that was apparently directed his way too? Or that Trump was encouraging violence against himself? Of course not. But don’t expect Whitmer or Biden or any other member of the Left to admit they were wrong. That’s not their style.

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