Liberal Media Takes Hit After Trump Leaves Office

CNN in Hot Water Following Trump Presidency

( – When former President Donald Trump was in office, CNN seemed to run hit pieces on him constantly. Their White House reporter, Jim Acosta, was well-known for his confrontations with the president. So, it might not surprise many to learn that the network is taking a ratings hit now that Trump is out of office.

According to data reported on March 17 by Fox News, CNN has lost 47% of its primetime viewers in the most coveted demographic: 25 to 54. That’s the age group advertisers most often look at when deciding where to place their ads. The network reportedly had 2.5 million primetime viewers in the wake of the election, but when President Joe Biden was sworn into office, those numbers dropped to 1.6 million.

Before Trump left office, there was speculation leftist networks would take a hit, and it seems as though that’s true for CNN at the very least. What does that say about their brand of journalism? And how is the network going to woo viewers back?

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