LeBron James Stifles Laughter During National Anthem

LeBron James Stifles Laughter During National Anthem

(LibertySociety.com) – At the NBA All-Star Game on February 20 in Cleveland, fans watched as LeBron James tried to hold in his laughter during Macy Gray’s rendition of The Star-Spangled Banner. Although the singer’s version of the song was unique, the basketball superstar’s behavior during the National Anthem may border on disrespect.

Typically, people meet the patriotic song with a hand over their heart and beam with pride and reverence for their country and those who fought and died to keep America free. So, James’ actions during the performance struck a wrong chord with many watching.

Unfortunately for the ex-Los Angeles Laker, the camera caught his song reaction and played it on the big screen for all to see. Some people on Twitter attacked him for not supporting Black women, while others called his laughter “disgusting.”

Gray admitted before the performance that she was nervous about performing before the games, but she received a lot of praise from fans after the song. On the other hand, James received criticism and has yet to say what he thought was so funny during a typically solemn moment of listening.

How do you feel about LeBron’s reaction during the National Anthem?

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