Lawmakers Increasingly Support Recurring Stimulus Checks

Lawmakers Increasingly Support Recurring Socialist Checks

( – Millions of Americans are currently receiving their third stimulus payments. Still, that isn’t enough for some members of the Democratic Party. Instead of focusing on policies that will help the economy, they want to send out even more payments.

According to a March 27 Newsweek article, 64 Democrats are pushing for recurring direct payments to the American people until the pandemic ends. The latest news comes roughly two months after 53 House Dems sent a letter to President Joe Biden asking for the checks to continue indefinitely.

Sending regular checks to people might seem like a good idea, but in the long run, it could put the country deeper into debt. Instead of handing people money, Democrats and the Biden administration should be focusing on job creation policies that will help get people back on their feet and keep them there. The president could start by allowing cruise lines to operate safely and help local governments reopen schools so parents can get back to work.

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