Laura Ingraham Requests Lawmakers Start Withholding Funding From Military Over Leftism

Laura Ingraham Requests Lawmakers Start Withholding Funding From Military Over Leftism

( – In May, Lt Col. Matthew Lohmeier was fired from his position as the Space Force commander of the 11th Space Warning Squadron. He was removed from his command for comments he made about Marxism spreading throughout the military. The idea that the far-Left ideology was becoming prevalent in the military concerned many Republicans.

On Wednesday, June 23, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley went before Congress to discuss issues within the military. Republican lawmakers asked him about the spread of the radical Left ideology in the Armed Forces, and the general became angry. He defended teaching critical race theory. Now, Fox News host Laura Ingraham is calling on lawmakers to withhold military funding as a result of his comments.

Milley Defends Critical Race Theory

During the hearing on Wednesday, Milley became annoyed by the questions from Conservatives. He snapped back and said that he has read many books, including Karl Marx and Mao Tse-tung, but that doesn’t make him a “communist.” He explained he believes it’s important for the military to have “some situational understanding about the country” they defend. He went on to say the US Military Academy is a university, and in his opinion, it’s critical that the soldiers understand and train. Milley says he wants to “understand white rage” and he’s a white man himself. He also wants to know why thousands of people went to the Capitol on January 6.

The general said the line of questions accusing the military of being “woke” was offensive to him.

Ingraham Calls for Action

Later that night, on “The Ingraham Angle,” the Fox News host slammed the general. She said that he has chosen to “indulge the radical whims of Democrats.” Ingraham claimed that Milley’s now doing whatever the Left tells him to do to keep the “military-industrial complex flush with cash.” Currently, the Democratic Party holds the majority in the legislative and executive branches, giving them a lot of authority over the military budget.

Ingraham demanded to know why Congress isn’t withholding military spending until Marxism and critical race theory are “eradicated from the military.” She went on to say that she would give the general no money because she’s “outraged” by his responses.

Milley’s comments drew outrage across conservatism. There are concerns that now that the Democrats are in charge, they might be using the military to spread a leftist ideology. That is not something they believe should be discussed in the Armed Forces.

Congress has not indicated that they have any plans to withhold military funding over the general’s remarks.

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