Latino Voters Favor Trump Over Biden In New Poll

( – Recent polling for the 2024 presidential election is not looking too good for President Biden. He has lost popularity among young voters, black voters, and Latino voters. For many years, Democrats have placed their voters into separate groups, showering each with promises and ploys to gain votes. This strategy looks to have negatively affected Biden’s approval rating. For instance, his promise to forgive student loan debt was shut down by the Supreme Court, likely contributing to his loss in support among younger voters.

A February 7 Gallup poll showed that Democrats had the weakest support from black Americans and young adults than they have had in 25 years. Gallup noted that younger voters “were the only age category giving the Democrats an edge” by 2010. The poll also showed just a 12-point Democratic advantage among Hispanic voters. GOP strategist Alex Conant told Fox News that “Biden cannot afford to lose any piece of his base.” He pointed out that Trump’s gains among black voters helped him win the 2016 primary and general election.

The Democratic Party’s reliance on votes from the Hispanic community is significant. Results from the 2020 election showed that President Biden prevailed by a 30-point margin among Spanish-speaking voters. A new poll from NBC News showed that his approval among Latino voters is down to just 35 percent. The poll also showed Biden tied with Trump among Latino voters in a head-to-head matchup.

A January poll from USA Today/Suffolk University showed Trump leading Biden among Latinos, receiving 39 percent support to Biden’s 34. A Los Angeles Times opinion piece from December written by a Democratic strategist pointed out that seven percent more Hispanics speak English than they did in 2010. Democrats have spent millions in advertisements and voter education campaigns on Univision’s Spanish-language programming, but proficiency in English could be playing a role in Biden’s decreased support. Trump has made gains among Hispanic voters, up four percent since 2020.

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