LATEST: Nancy Pelosi Releases Statement After Vicious Assault

Nancy Pelosi Issues Statement Following Attack on Husband

Nancy Pelosi Issues Statement Following Attack on Husband

( – On October 29, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) issued a statement about her husband Paul’s attack. The legislator explained that a “violent man” forced his way into their home looking for her. When the perpetrator didn’t find her, he “brutally” beat Paul Pelosi. The House Speaker said she and her family were “heartbroken and traumatized” from the shocking event. The legislator also thanked first responders for taking care of her husband and getting him to help so quickly.

The lawmaker’s note was written specifically to her colleagues in Congress. She relayed gratitude for their kind words and prayers, saying the “outpouring” of support was helping her loved one in his recovery process. The speaker then quoted a bible passage in the closing of her letter.

On the morning of October 28, David DePape reportedly broke through a glass door and entered the couple’s home. The suspect then made his way upstairs and confronted Paul Pelosi, waking him from sleep. DePape wanted to know where Nancy was, but Mr. Pelosi said she wasn’t there. The perpetrator was then going to tie the victim up but let him use the bathroom first. That’s when he called 911, a struggle ensued, police arrived, and DePape smashed Paul Pelosi’s head with a hammer.

The suspect was subsequently arrested. DePape allegedly chose to attack Nancy Pelosi because she’s the leader of the Democrats. The attacker has a history of sharing “extremist right-wing views and conspiracy theories.” Paul underwent surgery for his injuries, and the suspect was arrested and charged with several crimes.

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