Larry Elder Promises to Save California

Larry Elder Promises to Save California

( – When someone steps into the role of governor in the United States, they typically serve for a four-year term. But 18 states have an avenue to remove a governor if enough voters are unhappy with his or her performance, and that is usually through something known as a “recall election”. This is the case of conservative talk show host Larry Elder, who is in the running as a Republican to potentially replace Gavin Newsom as governor of California.

In California, residents garnered enough signatures to trigger a recall election that might remove Governor Gavin Newsom from office. His possible replacements include 24 Republicans, 9 Democrats, 2 Green Party, 1 Libertarian, and 10 people with no party affiliation.

Larry Elder promises to “save California” from the damage caused in part by the current governor.

A Look at Larry Elder

A native Californian, Elder didn’t dream of running for office. But when he saw what was happening to his home state, he felt there was no other choice. He saw the recall election as the perfect opportunity to step in and right Newsom’s wrongs. The radio host joined the other candidates in July and spread the news of his plans across California to gain support.

In his most recent visit to Venice Beach in LA County, a passerby in a gorilla mask slapped Elder’s security guard and tried to assault the Republican by throwing an egg at him and yelling racial slurs. After the incident, the talk show host surmised that maybe she was one of the many felons released early from prison by the governor for COVID reasons.

This incident highlights one of the many reasons the candidate decided to jump on the recall ballot. Another reason centers around how Newsom handled the pandemic and the destruction left in the policy’s wake.

California and COVID-19

When the coronavirus took hold of the nation in 2020, Newsom responded with some of the most restrictive policies in the land. He was the first to require vaccinations and testing for healthcare workers, teachers, and state employees.

Not only that, but he implemented sweeping mask mandates for the state. In fact, Newsom shut down his portion of the west coast, possibly leading to some businesses shutting down for good.

These moves not only upset citizens from both parties, but millions of voters gathered together to remove the leader from his position.

Other Candidates on the Ballot

Although 46 candidates want to take Newsom’s place, a few stand out from the pack. These include Republicans Larry Elder, Kevin Faulconer, Caitlyn Jenner, Kevin Kiley, and Democrat Kevin Paffrath. On September 14, the US will find out if Newsom will stay, if Elder can save California, or if someone else will take the helm in the Golden State.

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