Koch Network Reportedly Declining To Support Trump for 2024

Koch Network Reportedly Declining To Support Trump for 2024

(LibertySociety.com) – Americans For Prosperity, a PAC that is funded by Koch, will be pulling out all the stops to prevent former President Trump from winning a second term in 2024. The group says that Americans are ready for someone new, according to a memo released on February 5th, 2023. The New York Times reported on the story on Sunday, calling the memo a “thinly veiled rebuke” of Trump. Meanwhile, conservative journalist Raheem Kassam did an extensive writeup at The National Pulse of what he predicted was coming from the Koch network back in December of 2022.

In this article, Kassam highlights Young Voices, another Koch-funded organization, which has many prominent members whom he identifies as grifters who only pretend to support former President Trump when it benefits them financially. Young Voices claims to be “center-right,” with many of its members being libertarian.

The memo from Americans For Prosperity claims that voters want new leadership, stating that “they want AFP to step up to help them achieve it.” Also noted in the memo is the claim that Americans believe that the wrong candidates were chosen in the last election cycle, attributing that notion to losses or little gain for Republicans in the nations Capitol. Although the memo does not name former President Trump specifically, an official from AFP told CNN they will be supporting someone else.

Several prominent megadonors have already come forward and said that they will not support President Trump in his 2024 bid, including the CEO of Citadel, the CEO of Blackstone, and the president of the Club For Growth, according to Axios. However, an aggregate of the latest polls, published by Real Clear Politics, shows former President Trump with a significant lead over other potential Republican candidates, including Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, although it is still unclear if he even intends to run for President.

Who do you think will secure the Republican nomination for president?

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