King Charles Reportedly Preparing To Slash Prince Andrew Funding for Royal Lodge Security

King Charles Scrambles to Handle Prince Andrew's PR Crisis

( – Amid media buzz about the release of documents from a lawsuit filed by Epstein victim Virginia Guiffre against his fellow trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell, King Charles III is reportedly planning on taking away some remaining privileges from his brother Prince Andrew. Guiffre previously filed a separate lawsuit against Prince Andrew, but it was settled in 2022. Although he never admitted any wrongdoing, the prince then lost the privileges afforded by his military title and royal status. He no longer has any staff or an office, but privately still leads a life of royalty. Queen Elizabeth II footed the bill for the $16 million settlement.

The Telegraph reported that King Charles III will soon stop paying for the prince’s Royal Lodge security. The outlet said that Prince Andrew would need “to conjure up the small fortune” to cover the cost of security and maintaining his estate. Previous reports indicated that his 30-room home required serious repair. The royal family has not commented on the release of the documents. Sir Keir Starmer, who leads the Labor Party in the United Kingdom, has called for Prince Andrew to be criminally investigated. He admitted that he had not delved deep into the allegations but said that they needed to be examined.

Other prominent names were revealed in the documents, including former United States Presidents Bill Clinton and Donald Trump, billionaire Richard Branson, and attorney Alan Dershowitz. However, the mention of a name does not necessarily indicate that the person was implicated in a crime. The documents also included a deposition from Epstein accuser Sarah Ransome which contained allegations against Prince Andrew, but Ransome retracted her claims several years ago. Dershowitz was also accused of wrongdoing by Ransome, which led him to compel the court to reveal previous emails that further discredit her testimony.

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