Kim Kardashian Steers CLEAR Of Ex-Husband As Controversy Rages On

Kim Kardashian Avoids Kanye West as Controversy Rages On

Kim Kardashian Avoids Kanye West as Controversy Rages On

( – Estranged spouses Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, Ye, recently attended their son’s soccer game in Calabasas, California. The stylish influencer stayed far away from her soon-to-be ex-husband, who is shrouded in controversy. The couple shares four children together and is currently working through their lawyers to settle custody and property matters for their impending divorce. They’re reportedly trying to avoid going to court.

Ye sparked outrage during a fashion show where he was pushing his clothing line when he and TV host Candace Owens appeared wearing “white lives matter” shirts. He also said George Floyd died from drugs and not at the hands of former Officer Derek Chauvin.

The rapper doubled down on his quest to defy societal norms when he was already facing backlash by going on an antisemitic rant. His actions caused brands like Adidas to drop his products, and stores like the Gap to pull his merchandise from shelves. Those companies are only two amongst a slew of other organizations distancing themselves from the spiraling rapper.

Kardashian seems to be steering clear as well. Although the pair attended some games recently to support their children, they did so at a distance from each other.

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