Kevin Spacey Gets New Film Role Despite Disgusting Allegations

Kevin Spacey Gets New Film Role Despite Disgusting Allegations

( – In 2017, actor Kevin Spacey was fired from his hit show, the Netflix series “House of Cards.” His termination came during the “#MeToo” movement after actor Anthony Rapp said Spacey made sexual advances toward him in 1986 when he was 14 years old and Spacey was 26. Apparently, the movie industry’s memory is short because he has now received another acting opportunity.

On May 23, Variety revealed Spacey has a role in the Italian film “L’uomo Che Disegnò Dio” (“The Man Who Drew God”). The actor isn’t playing a major role in the film, however. Instead, he will make a cameo appearance. The film’s producer, Louis Nero, reportedly is “very happy” Spacey agreed to be in the film. He called him a “great actor.” The movie is reportedly about a blind man who makes portraits by listening to the voices of people.

According to the LA Times, 15 men in total accused Spacey of sexual misconduct. All of the criminal cases were closed, and no court ever convicted him of a crime. He still faces civil suits. It’s unclear whether he’s using the Italian film as a way to relaunch himself in Hollywood.

There is no word on when the film will be released to the public.

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