Kevin McCarthy Says He’s “Disappointed” in Biden’s First Orders as President

Kevin McCarthy Says He's

( – On January 20, Joe Biden became the 46th president of the US. The same day he took the oath to protect the country, he signed a flurry of orders that seemed to do the exact opposite. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) isn’t happy about the direction Biden is taking the country.

The day after the inauguration, McCarthy slammed Biden for protecting illegal aliens, reentering the Paris Climate Accord, joining the failed World Health Organization and hurting energy projects. The Republican said he was “disappointed” to see the president sign orders that show he’s more interested in aiding “illegal immigrants than helping” Americans. He went on to say it’s clear the POTUS is more concerned with sending “virtue signals” to activists than protecting jobs.

These are exactly the types of policies former President Donald Trump warned us Biden would enact if he were given the chance. It’s unfortunate that Democrats didn’t allow him to do his job and instead elected the guy who has spent 47 years flip-flopping. Now, it’s up to leaders like McCarthy to hold Biden accountable and show the American people who he really is.

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