Kevin McCarthy Rakes in the Big Bucks With Latest Fundraiser

Kevin McCarthy Rakes In the Big Bucks

( – Becoming the Speaker of the House in the United States House of Representatives has certainly paid off for Kevin McCarthy, who brought in the big bucks at his first fundraiser since his election. Speaker McCarthy is known for his ability to raise enormous amounts of money, even outraising Representative Nancy Pelosi, D-CA, in 2021 when she was Speaker of the House, according to Breitbart News. While touting $31.5 million at the beginning of 2022, this time around he was able to secure $12.5 million, putting him on track to beat his previous quarterly record.

The fundraiser was hosted by Jeff Miller, a lobbyist who has been an important ally to McCarthy, according to Politico. While the mainstream media and liberal pundits were up in arms about Speaker McCarthy conceding to many demands of the holdouts who would not give him their vote, the attendees and the money raised signaled that their accusations rang hollow. Politico named several clients of some of the people who co-sponsored the event, including Apple and Mastercard. Former Attorney General William Barr was also present at the event, according to the outlet.

USA Today reported in January that McCarthy was being weakened and the speakership was being gutted by agreeing to rule changes and promises of investigations. However, even Matt Gaetz, R-Florida, who fought the hardest against the McCarthy nomination, believes that the Republicans are going to have success in the 118th Congress because of the lengthy deliberations. Meanwhile, one of his main criticisms of McCarthy was his alleged dependence on corporate money, as Gaetz does not take money from them or political PACs and has often called out many members of his own party for doing so.

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