Kevin McCarthy Promises POWER MOVE – Top Dem On The Firing Line

Kevin McCarthy Promises To Strip These Dems of Committee Duties, if Elected Speaker

Kevin McCarthy Promises To Strip These Dems of Committee Duties if Elected Speaker

( – Recently, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) vowed to strip a few Democrats from their committee assignments in the event he takes over the leadership reins in the House. During the midterm elections, America voted for a split Congress. Democrats will continue their majority in the Senate but will yield to Republicans in the House starting January 3, 2023. As such, the Right needs to choose a speaker who will lead the Lower Chamber, and that honor could go to McCarthy. If so, he has plans for some members of the opposing party.

Leadership Intent

The minority leader revealed he plans to strip Democratic Representatives Ilhan Omar (D-MN), Eric Swalwell (D-CA), and Adam Schiff (D-CA) of their committee assignments for various reasons.

In regards to the Minnesota rep, McCarthy cited her supposed antisemitic and anti-American statements from the past. The legislator said Omar accused the US and Israel of “unthinkable atrocities,” while lumping the nations in with Hamas, Afghanistan, and the Taliban. Jewish groups and others at the time were offended by her words. McCarthy doesn’t believe the Minnesota rep belongs on the House Foreign Affairs Committee for that reason. If given the chance, he plans to remove her.

As for the other two Democrats, they might lose their assignments as well. McCarthy believes Schiff pushing the Steele dossier, on top of allegedly lying to the American people many times, warrants a committee boot. He wants to also remove Swalwell for his apparent associations with a Chinese spy.

It appears the prospective moves could be in retaliation for the Left removing Representative Marjorie Taylor Green (R-GA) from her assignments for controversial posts she made on social media. Following the action, Republicans warned Democrats of revenge should they take the House in 2023.


On November 21, Omar responded to McCarthy’s threat. The legislator accused the minority leader of singling her out for “scorn and hatred,” while allowing those within his own party to spread antisemitic and Muslim disdain. She even accused McCarthy himself of speaking ill of Jewish people.

The Minnesota lawmaker said the action will do nothing to help the American people with “inflation, healthcare,” or climate change but will further divide the nation. She reiterated the perceived attacks against her “from the moment” she took office and vowed never to stop fighting for equal treatment and human rights worldwide.

McCarthy will need to have the backing of the House behind him in order to remove these three from their positions if he chooses to follow through as he has promised. For example, only a House majority could remove Omar, as foreign affairs is a “standing committee.”

Do you think McCarthy should be the House GOP leader come January?

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