Kevin McCarthy Facing a Challenging September

( – House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has a busy month ahead of him as he will be working to craft a continuing resolution that will satisfy all members of the Republican Party while dealing with backlash for his decision to open an impeachment inquiry into President Biden. He will also be negotiating a Department of Defense funding measure, which almost always turns into a fiery battle.

The House Freedom Caucus released a statement on August 21, putting McCarthy on notice for its intention to oppose a stop-gap funding measure that continues the pandemic-era spending that he promised to end. On September 12, the caucus held a press conference to discuss their demands to McCarthy, who is desperate to prevent a government shutdown.

During the press conference, South Carolina Representative Ralph Norman expressed the caucus’s commitment to the opposition. He told the media “We got rolled on the debt ceiling. We’re not getting rolled again now.” McCarthy and other Republicans caved to demands from Democrats to raise the debt ceiling back in May. This time, the caucus is demanding its own concessions, and these will be the deciding factor on whether they vote for the continuing resolution. The caucus is looking for more cuts to unnecessary spending, as well as border security measures that would curb the flow of migrants and fentanyl into the country. Members also want to stop the Pentagon from paying for travel expenses for service members seeking an abortion.

Lawmakers have until September 30 to pass a continuing resolution, or the government will shut down. Florida Republican Representative Matt Gaetz blasted McCarthy on September 12 during a speech on the House floor, demanding that he follow through with the promises he made before they agreed to vote him in as Speaker of the House. Gaetz is opposed to continuing resolutions but also wants McCarthy to require lawmakers to bring individual spending bills to the floor, rather than have a bill that is crammed full of wish list items from members of both parties. Gaetz promised that he would make a motion to vacate the chair, stripping McCarthy of his speakership if he refused to fulfill his promises.

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