Karine Jean-Pierre Gets Questioned Over Hunter Biden Plea Deal

(LibertySociety.com) – Another tumultuous week for Hunter Biden has prompted a call for transparency from the White House, but reporters in the briefing room have gotten nowhere with Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre. However, most White House reporters have seemingly forgotten how to aggressively push back when not receiving their desired responses, which was common practice during the Trump administration. Even so, there was a minimum amount of interest from most reporters in the briefing room. Those who did ask questions were shut down with Jean-Pierre’s referrals to Hunter Biden’s attorney and the Department of Justice (DOJ), as she continued to claim that the case was a private matter.

One reporter asked about the change in messaging from the White House regarding President Biden’s knowledge and involvement in Hunter Biden’s business deals, as a recent statement simply claimed that “the President was not in business with his son,” which is a shift from earlier statements. The White House and President Biden himself previously claimed he had no knowledge and did not discuss business with his son. Jean-Pierre again offered no transparency, stating, “Nothing has changed,” which received no pushback from the reporter who asked the question.

The controversial plea agreement that Hunter Biden and the DOJ presented to the judge was ripped to shreds after the judge pointed out that a portion of the Diversion Agreement would have given Hunter Biden immunity from being charged with other future crimes. U.S. Attorney David Weiss is still investigating Hunter Biden and could potentially have more charges in the works, including violations of the Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA). This has led many legal experts to speculate that DOJ prosecutors did not write the statement of facts that included the immunity, as they have never seen anything like it in their careers. The diversion agreement also included a provision that would prevent the DOJ from charging Hunter Biden with probation violations without the approval of a judge.

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