Kamala Harris Polling Numbers Pass Biden for First Time

Kamala Harris Polling Numbers Pass Biden for First Time

(LibertySociety.com) – The role of being Vice President of the United States is known for being supportive of the sitting president. Although there are only a couple of formal duties, there are many informal tasks they perform to help the president do their job. For this reason, it appears surprising the approval rating of Vice President Kamala Harris sits at six points above President Joe Biden’s, according to a recent Gallup Poll. 

While Harris enjoys a 49 percent approval rating, coincidentally the same number Biden received under former President Barack Obama in the same timeframe, only 43 percent of the people polled approve of the current president’s performance.

In part, those numbers reflect the American public’s feelings about how Biden handled the withdrawal from Afghanistan, the recent pandemic surge, the border crisis, and the stalled infrastructure package in Congress.

Even though Harris is in charge of addressing the problems at the border, she’s kept out of the center of the issues currently plaguing President Biden. Therefore her approval rating reflects only what U.S. citizens have consistently felt about having her in office.

In fact, her approval rating hasn’t topped 50 percent. But if she decides to take a more vocally supportive role in pushing the Biden Administration’s overall agenda, her poll numbers may start to reflect those of the president.

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