Kamala Harris Polling Lower Than Ever Headed Into 2022

Kamala Harris Polling Lower Than Ever Headed Into 2022

(LibertySociety.com) – When Vice President Kamala Harris won her position during the 2020 general election, many Americans anticipated seeing how the first woman in the seat would perform. A recent poll of American voters shows how the country feels about its choice so far.

Harris received a shocking 28% approval rating from a sampling of citizens by USA Today and Suffolk University, 10% less than President Joe Biden’s numbers in the same poll.

Part of the VP’s problem may be that no one can seem to agree on the role she should play as second-in-command.

Some experts think she should take a more significant role in helping the administration reach its goals, while others believe she should distance herself from the president for self-preservation. Even her staff is leaving her side as rumors swirl in Washington, DC, about a controversy between the Veep and Biden.

Although Biden tasked Harris with handling the crisis at the southern border, she neglected to visit the area. Instead, she spoke about getting to the “root causes” of why migrants want to enter the United States, and even infamously replied to a reporter that she “hadn’t visited Europe”, unable to comprehend the point. The lack of action and focus to address the issue frustrates many.

As the poll shows, the American people are not impressed with her performance so far, and Harris still has three more years to go. What do you think about Kamala Harris’ work as Vice President so far?

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