Kamala Harris’ Husband Denies Trump’s Claims

Kamala Harris' Husband Denies Claims That Trump Pressured Vice President's Border Visit

(LibertySociety.com) – Vice President Kamala Harris has been taking heat for months over her failure to visit the border even though she’s in charge of fixing the crisis. Twice she has laughed when the press has asked her about her plans to go down South. On Friday, June 25, she finally made her first trip to El Paso, Texas, just days before former President Donald Trump is set to touch down in the state. But her husband, Doug Emhoff, is now denying the 45th POTUS had anything to do with her decision.

On June 24, the day before Harris’ trip, Second Gentleman Emhoff told NBC News that Harris didn’t decide to go to the border because of pressure. He claimed the VP isn’t “driven by any political issues or political pressure.” His comments came after Trump said he got Harris to finally “go and see the tremendous destruction and death” the administration has committed.

There’s no denying the timing of Harris’s visit is a little suspicious. She only announced it after Trump and Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) discussed their impending meeting at the border. It certainly looks as though she scrambled to get to the border before the former president. And hey, if that’s what happened, it must mean Trump still has a lot of power — even as a retired POTUS.

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