Kamala Harris Called Out for Anti-American Propaganda Talking Points

Kamala Harris Called Out for Anti-American Propaganda Talking Points

(LibertySociety.com) – When Vice President Kamala Harris spoke solely about the negative aspects of Christopher Columbus’ history in a speech she gave on October 12, the day after the federal holiday, Americans retaliated with anger. Some critics, such as Nile Gardiner, even suggested her comments were “anti-American” fodder for enemies of the US.

They say the VP needs to focus on the current day and her tasks at hand, like dealing with the crisis at the southern border, passing the infrastructure package, and the pandemic recovery.

Others took to Twitter to say Harris is just reliving the past, and that she needs to stop “pandering” to so many different groups instead of fixing issues like inflation that impact every American citizen today.

The United States has celebrated Columbus Day since it became a federal holiday in 1937, mostly for the fact that Christopher Columbus successfully discovered what is now known as America. While it’s true the conquest that followed included some dark days in US history, it’s hard to imagine where our country would be today without Columbus’ curiosity.

Instead of speeches about the past, constituents want the Vice President to focus on the present, have pride in her country, visit the border, handle the surge, and help bring the country together again.

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