Kamala Harris Blasted After Saying People Got What They Asked for With Biden

Kamala Harris Blasted After Saying People Got What They Asked For With Biden

(LibertySociety.com) – Republicans blasted Vice President Kamala Harris when she told a crowd at a Black History Month celebration voters “got what they asked for” when electing President Joe Biden and her into office. Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) was quick to point out no one asked for high inflation, the war in Ukraine, Afghanistan fumbles, or boarded up schools. Former Governor Scott Walker (R-WI) stated voters will “fix that soon.” Apparently, the Veep got a little too excited talking about Biden’s SCOTUS pick and went “off-script.”

Considering the low approval ratings she and the president have garnered recently, the Biden administration should probably stick to their speeches as written.

According to politician and Republican Tim Murtaugh, the president only garnered a 37% approval rate in a recent ABC poll. Evidently, most Americans didn’t get what they voted for, and their displeasure will likely show during midterm elections in November.

Several people on Twitter predicted the remark would make its way into GOP campaign ads across the nation as Republican candidates attempt to win the majority in the House and Senate. Perhaps someone with the vice president’s education and experience in law would think a little further ahead before speaking?

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