Justice Clarence Thomas Warns Supreme Court May Become Dangerous

Justice Clarence Thomas Warns Supreme Court May Become Dangerous

(LibertySociety.com) – Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas cautioned the court on September 16 about veering out of the judicial branch lane and into other parts of government where they have no business exerting authority. In fact, he said it would be “dangerous.”

The Constitution states that the judicial power of the United States ‘shall be vested’ in one Supreme Court. Justices sit on the Court after a president nominates and the Senate confirms them. Although there were only five original appointees, that number varied over the years.

But no matter how many judges serve on the highest court in the land, their job is first and foremost to remain impartial when ruling on cases. They serve the law, and that ideal aligns with every other person who holds judicial positions in all courts across the country, no matter the level. Given the immense power of the Supreme Court, the consequences of playing politics could have dire repercussions for America.

Like many Constitutionalists, Justice Thomas believes there is a reason the founding fathers penned the need for the separation of powers. It keeps the system of checks and balances in line to avoid tyranny.

The court’s newest member, Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett, agreed partisan politics have no place at the group’s table. And Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer took it a step further by warning against packing the court because it will not only lead the American people to lose confidence in its decisions, but he also quipped, “What goes around comes around.”

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