Justice Alito Says He’s Not Surprised By Backlash Received Over Speech

Justice Alito Says He's

(LibertySociety.com) On November 12, 2020, Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito gave a speech to The Federalist Society and defended America’s religious rights. The associate justice said that some COVID-19 measures were imposing “previously unimaginable restrictions on individual liberty.” Now, he’s speaking out after receiving backlash for the remarks.

On January 31, Justice Alito spoke to USA Today and said he was “not surprised” by the reaction to his speech. He explained that he took “virtually every substantive point” in the speech from his published SCOTUS opinions or opinions he’d joined.

During his November speech, the justice said he hoped his words would “not be twisted or misunderstood,” but he knew they probably would be. Of course, he was right. Critics on social media had plenty to say, with Human Rights Campaign President Alphonso David referring to it as “politically charged.” Sen. Elizabeth Warren went so far as to call it “nakedly partisan.”

The justice was unbothered by the allegations, however. As he celebrates his 15th year on the bench, it’s highly unlikely a few media attacks will change his opinions. After all, he says, he isn’t a policymaker, he’s a judge.

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