Journalist Slams Biden Administration for Border Decision

Journalist Slams Biden Administration for Border Decision

( – On March 17, reports emerged accusing President Joe Biden of limiting access to the border. His administration has allegedly imposed a gag order on Border Patrol agents, not allowing them to speak to the press or take journalists on ride-alongs on the border. Now, a journalist has spoken out against the president’s alleged policy.

On March 19, photojournalist John Moore used Twitter to post an appeal to the Biden administration. He said he was “respectfully” asking the president to “stop blocking media access” to the border facilities. He explained there was “no modern precedent for a full physical ban” of the press’ access to Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

Moore is correct. The media had access to the border during the past three administrations. It’s a real concern the Biden administration isn’t allowing the press to see what’s going on in these facilities.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas denied the gag order allegations on NBC’s “Meet the Press” last Sunday, claiming that the restrictions are because of the pandemic. Yet, the U.S. needs increased transparency now more than ever. Is there more to these restrictions than Mayorkas lets on?

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