Josh Hawley Drops BOMBSHELL – McConnell Should Be TERRIFIED

Josh Hawley Won't Support McConnell if GOP Takes Senate

Josh Hawley Won’t Support McConnell if GOP Takes Senate

( – On November 7, Senator Josh Hawley told a reporter he would not support Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) for majority leader, should the GOP win control of the Upper Chamber of Congress. The day before the election, the Missouri legislator spoke to reporter Galen Bacharier while making his last campaign efforts. When asked whether or not he would support McConnell as majority leader, should the GOP win control, Hawley said, “I don’t imagine I will, no.” The legislator expanded on his answer by saying he believes the Upper Chamber needs fresh leadership.

The Election

On November 8, millions of voters across the United States cast their ballots for whom they felt would best lead the country. One of the biggest questions leading up to that day was who would control both chambers of Congress in 2023. Would the Democrats retain a majority in the House and Senate or would the country vote in the GOP to take the wheel for the next two years?

If Republicans take a majority in the Senate, the controlling members would have to choose the new majority leader. Before 2020, that person was Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), but not everyone supports his ascending this time around. In addition to Hawley’s hard no, Senator Rick Scott (R-FL) recently refused to say he wouldn’t try to challenge the Kentucky legislator for the leadership position.

Missouri v. Kentucky

Bacharier revealed the Missouri lawmaker further outlined some reasons why he wouldn’t support McConnell for Senate lead. Hawley said he disagreed with the long-time politician on several decisions like funding for Ukraine, campaign spending, “infrastructure and public safety bills.” Hawley also accused McConnell of talking negatively about Republican candidates “in the middle of an election.”

One of the politicians he was likely referring to was Senate Republican candidate Kelly Tshibaka (AK). The Alaska Republican Party said the Senate Leadership Fund, backed by McConnell, used its substantial funding to support incumbent Senator Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) for re-election. The entity censured the Kentucky legislator for “attack ads” launched by those who control the leadership fund.

The Hill reportedly asked nearly two dozen Senate candidates if they would support McConnell as leader of the Upper Chamber. They all said no. It’s unclear who they would choose instead.

As of November 10, the question of who will control the Senate still remains.

Who do you think will win? If it’s the GOP, would you support McConnell as Senate majority leader again?

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