Johnny Depp Juror Reveals What Changed the Jury’s Mind About Amber

Johnny Depp Juror Reveals What Changed the Jury's Mind About Amber

Johnny Depp Juror Gives Nitty-Gritty Details Viewers Didn’t Know About

( – On June 16, Good Morning America reported that one of the jurors involved in the defamation trial between actor Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard spoke out about the jury’s decision, revealing a few reasons they didn’t buy Heard’s story. Although the jury thought both parties played a role in their toxic relationship, they didn’t think Depp ever struck Heard and felt the evidence backed up his version of events.

One thing that swayed the jury was the actress’ ability to quickly switch her emotions on and off, making it hard for them to believe what she was saying. Many said Heard’s outbursts on the stand were backed with nothing but “crocodile tears,” making her impossible to trust.

On the other hand, the juror said the group saw Depp as credible, stating he remained composed and steady on the stand throughout the trial. Overall, he seemed genuine, making the actor more believable than his ex-wife. The panel also apparently had a negative view of the fact that Heard insisted she donated her entire $7 million divorce settlement to charity, when she actually didn’t.

The male juror revealed there was something about Heard’s story that “didn’t add up,” and the jury felt it was more likely that she was the aggressor in the relationship — not Depp.

Do you think the jury made the right decision in this case?

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