John Fetterman Undergoing Treatment for Depression

Senator John Fetterman Hospitalized for Clinical Depression

( – On Thursday, February 16th, 2023, Senator John Fetterman’s office released a statement informing the public that he went to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center and was admitted for clinical depression. This comes just one week after he went to the hospital to be checked for signs of another stroke because he was experiencing dizziness. At the time, he was released from the hospital less than 48 hours later and went home for the weekend.

According to the statement, Senator Fetterman went to the hospital after seeing the U.S. Congress physician who advised him to seek inpatient treatment for his condition. Many lawmakers have expressed their support and offered up prayers for him, notably Senator Ted Cruz, R-Texas, whose daughter has experienced mental health issues as recently as December of 2022. After offering up prayers from him and his wife, Senator Cruz stated he hoped Fetterman would get the care he needed and urged people to respect the privacy of Fetterman and his family.

Senator Fetterman suffered a massive stroke just two days before the primary midterm elections back in May of 2022, but did not drop out of the race. In October of 2022, his donor and campaign contributor physician released a letter stating that there were no work restrictions for then-candidate Fetterman after an interview with NBC where he was clearly having problems communicating. He also struggled during multiple public appearances as well as during his debate with Dr. Mehmet Oz, who was his Republican opponent in the general election.

Senator Fetterman has been using a device that is similar to a closed-captioning system to help him during conversations and while performing his official duties as Senator. His wife, Gisele Fetterman, shared the statement about his hospitalization, asking for privacy for her and their children, while also expressing thankfulness that he was willing to ask for the help that he needs during this period of time in his life.

According to The Philadelphia Inquirer, Fetterman is expected to remain in the hospital for weeks and it’s unknown when he will return to work. However, Governor Josh Shapiro expressed full confidence in the Senator’s ability to “come back stronger than ever” after he receives treatment.

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