John Durham Testifies Against FBI Before Congress

( – Just one month after the release of his final report, Special Counsel John Durham testified before the House Judiciary Committee on June 21. The lengthy investigation resulted in one plea agreement and two acquittals of those involved in the concoction and inception of Crossfire Hurricane, the investigation into then-candidate Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. To the dismay of Democrats, Durham confirmed under oath that the FBI ignored credible information from the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) that presidential candidate Hillary Clinton had personally approved a scheme to link then-candidate Donald Trump to Russia.

Although Durham’s report stated as much, Republicans were happy to get a chance to confirm in the Congressional Record that then-CIA Director John Brennan thought highly enough of the intel that he briefed then-President Barack Obama and then-Vice President Joe Biden, while also forwarding the information to then-FBI Director James Comey and his deputy assistant director of counterintelligence, Peter Strozk. The information died once received by the FBI, as Durham’s report stated that the FBI did not consider Hillary’s plan when receiving controversial information about then-candidate Trump.

Durham sat in front of the committee for nearly six hours, where he received scrutiny from both sides of the aisle, although most Republicans commended him for his work to uncover the false narrative painted against Donald Trump. He explained that his investigation was nonpartisan, as he would have taken the same approach if it were a Democratic politician. Nonetheless, Democrats used the hearing to blast Durham for what they believed to be a politicized investigation, with some claiming that he ruined his reputation by doing Trump’s bidding.

Durham brushed off the accusations from most critics, notably telling Democrat Representative Steve Cohen that his concern about his reputation “is with the people who I respect and my family and my Lord,” adding “I’m perfectly comfortable with my reputation with them.” This response prompted thunderous applause from the Republicans and guests attending the hearing.

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