Joe Rogan Claims DeSantis Is a Better Fit for President Than Trump

Joe Rogan Claims DeSantis Is a Better Fit for President Than Trump

Joe Rogan REVEALS His 2024 Presidential Pick – Guess Who!

( – Controversial podcaster Joe Rogan was recently interviewing a guest on his show when he stated his belief Democrats would be more accepting of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) over Trump in the White House. The host said the Left doesn’t like the Florida leader, but they hate the previous commander-in-chief — flat out. Rogan said DeSantis is “less insulting” overall.

In contrast, he called the previous US leader a “character,” stating half the time it feels like he’s doing a stand-up comedy routine. According to the podcaster, people either really love Trump or loathe him entirely.

MSN broached the subject of how Democrats feel about the pair. The article quoted one political strategist from the Left saying the Florida governor is “scarier” than the former president. He claims the leader of the Sunshine State is smarter and more strategic, giving him a better chance of securing the Oval Office, but that doesn’t back Rogan’s assertion he’s more palatable to those in the Democratic party.

Recently, polls showed Trump’s popularity among Republicans fading, according to a survey outlined in Axios. Since the August raid of Mar-a-Lago, however, it seems some of the party is rallying behind the previous POTUS.

What do you think of Rogan’s assessment? Do you believe Democrats would more readily accept DeSantis as president over Trump?

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