Joe Biden’s Re-Election Campaign Reportedly Starting Off Slow

President Biden’s Re-Election Campaign Off to a Slow Start

( – After weeks of rumors of a late re-election campaign launch were circulated, the Biden campaign decided to announce with a video posted to President Joe Biden’s social media accounts on April 25th, 2023. Just six days prior, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. announced that he would be challenging Biden in the Democratic Primary Election, polling at 14 percent shortly after his speech in Boston, Massachusetts. Axios reported that the Biden campaign was not prepared for Biden’s announcement, and only two people are officially members of his campaign team.

So far, the Democratic National Committee (DNC) has been paying for campaign activities, including the production of President Biden’s announcement video and other advertisements. Axios noted that former President Barack Obama used funds from his own campaign when he announced his re-election bid for 2012. The Biden campaign has also failed to reveal fundraising totals which were supposed to be released to Bloomberg two days after his announcement, with his campaign now claiming that they had always intended to release the numbers “at the end of the second quarter.”

Biden fell behind former President Donald Trump in a recent presidential poll, with the 45th President leading by five percentage points. A recent poll conducted by Newsweek revealed that 79% of voters who cast their vote for Biden in 2020 believe that he should participate in debates against other primary contenders. The DNC has already decided against holding primary debates. Both candidates running against Biden have criticized the decision.

Republican voters also believe that the Republican National Committee should hold debates, with 79% of voters who cast their vote for Trump in support of watching candidates battle it out on television, according to the same Newsweek poll.

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